About Us

Like every other great idea that has come about – Turtles and Tees was inspired and created so that Junior Golfers and Tennis Players can look fashionable on the Course and Court and be comfortable when playing their game. After years of searching for fun and fashionable sports apparel for my daughter and only being able to find a few non-functional and not very affordable alternatives, I decided to design and create a line of clothing that girls would want to wear on and off the golf Course and tennis Court. Sure there is ladies golf apparel out there in the market but most of it is very mature for Juniors and who wants to wear clothes that are meant for your Mom? By mixing and matching fun fashionable sports themed prints with functional designs, we have created clothing and accessories that are perfect for the Junior Girl Golfers and Tennis Players in your life.
The Turtles side of the story also came as an inspiration from my favorite Junior Golfer and her passion for helping the longevity of sea turtles. By wearing the Turtles and Tees logo, you are joining us in not only spreading the word about the cause but also bringing awareness to the much needed help and support of these wonderful creatures. We are proud to give back to the community and several wonderful organizations who are constantly working to ensure that baby sea turtles are able to make their journey from their nests on the beach to the waters where they will live out their lives.
Turtles and Tees is available on our website and in select clubs and resorts around the country. To inquire about a wholesale partnership, please contact us at [email protected]. See you on the Course and Court!