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How Turtles and Tees Came to Market

If there is any good that has come out of the crisis that we all faced otherwise known as Covid-19, it is an increase in players on the Golf Course. Although literally everyone has been affected, we have a special place in our hearts for the little pros out there who are so used to the companionship of friends especially in a sports environment. We are continually amazed at the awesome interest in the game from the younger generation and the continued growth of Junior Golf.

Although Turtles and Tees was originally started for girls out of a lack of fun and functional girls golf apparel, Turtles and Tees has expanded to include not only Boys Junior Golf Apparel but fun outfits for Infants and Toddlers as well. Turtles and Tees was inspired and created so that Junior Golf and Tennis Players can look fashionable on & off the Course and Court and be comfortable when playing their game. After years of searching for fun and fashionable sports apparel for her daughter and only being able to find a few non-functional and not very affordable alternatives, CEO and Owner Kris Bartholomew, decided to design and create a line of clothing that kids would want to wear and parents would want to buy! Sure, there are adult golf apparel lines out there in the market but most of them are very mature for Juniors. Who wants to wear clothes that are meant for your Mom and Dad anyway? By mixing and matching fun fashionable sports-themed prints with functional designs, Turtles and Tees have created clothing and accessories that are perfect for the Junior Golf and Tennis Players in your life.


The Turtles side of the story also came as an inspiration from Kris’s favorite Junior Golfer, her Daughter Sydney, and her passion for helping the longevity of sea turtles. By wearing the Turtles and Tees logo, you are joining us in not only spreading the word about the cause but also bringing awareness to the much-needed help and support of these wonderful creatures. We are proud to give back to the community and several wonderful organizations that are constantly working to ensure that baby sea turtles are able to make their journey from their nests on the beach to the waters where they will live out their lives.

Turtles and Tees is a proud woman-owned and operated small business. Our CEO and Owner Kris had the amazing inspiration and determination to create and start a brand for not only the junior in her life but all of the future golfers out there. Kris is a numbers guru and has an extensive background as a CPA for multiple successful companies in many different industries. She is a financial wizard and keeps Turtles and Tees on track to achieve our goal of providing high-quality junior apparel while still always encouraging our little pros to have fun and cartwheel often! Kris also oversees all of production and manufacturing, manages the warehouse/shipping, and handles all administrative needs to mention a few of her countless responsibilities! Kris is the heart of Turtles and Tees.

When it came time to bring the brand to life, Christina made the reality happen. Kris has always considered Christina as a second daughter and knew that Christina’s extensive and successful background in apparel and sales would be the perfect combination for a lifelong partner to bring the line to market. Christina is the SALES MACHINE behind Turtles and Tees’ success. If you have seen Turtles and Tees in a pro shop near you, Christina is most likely the one that made that happen, you can thank her later! Christina also manages Turtles and Tees sales reps throughout the country. Christina is a true optimist and always sees the glass half full. Her amazing attitude and outlook are infectious and it clearly translates to our customers. Buyers have told us over and over again that when Christina is showing the line, it feels like you are talking to a friend about a brand she loves and feels passionate about! Christina is also a Mom and has two boys, Will and Preston aka Turtles and Tees models!


In the summer of 2018 Turtles and Tees was growing rapidly and ready to expand the team. Since we pride ourselves on being a family first company, we decided to keep the team close to home, enter Victoria. Victoria is Christina’s little sister and also someone who Kris was able to watch grow up across the street in Northern Virginia. Kris has traveled all over the country to watch Victoria pressure her dreams of playing competitive lacrosse, discovering her professional passions and a dash of baseball due to her coach husband Graham. Victoria worked in retail management and in college sports before joining the team. She specializes in marketing and business development and helps Turtles and Tees pull all of the loose ends together. You always need an extremely well-organized team member who is literally on overdrive 24/7. She really rounds out the team and adds the true athlete mentally. Victoria is married to a professional baseball coach, so depending on the time of the year she is conducting business from all over the country. Victoria has also created an amazing T&T model – our amazing Charlee Girl who attended her first baseball game at 8 weeks old and has gone to more baseball games than most people in her 3 short years. Living on a Golf Course, Charlee is all ready to join in the Junior Golf world!

As proud moms, wives, and working professionals we understand the struggles that families have on so many levels. Turtles and Tees was created to help families solve a problem; find golf and active clothing for kids that are loved by young and old! We pride ourselves on using great fabric that is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and UPF 40. Our clothing is not only cute and comfortable but it will keep the kids dry, clean, and protected from the sun! Being Moms, we realize that an item will be worn for both fun and play and want to make sure that our clothing lasts and performs through all of the fun. Our buyers have just as much fun selecting from our fun styles and prints as we have to design them. And let’s not forget the most important part of all of this – we want kids to feel comfortable in whatever surrounding they are in – our Turtle Kids are the real rock stars when they step out on the course! We just try to make them feel that much better about themselves every step of the way! Thank you for supporting our Company and sharing in our belief in equality, equity, and opportunity for all! Thanks for stopping by, come back for a second round soon!

-The Turtles and Tees Team

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